9 Ways To Easily Transition Your Look From Day To Night

9 Ways To Easily Transition Your Look From Day To Night

Are you planning to go on a date just after work? Do you have plans with your besties in the evening but no time to go home for a change? A typical scenario for 21st-century women juggling to integrate their social and work lives. It can be challenging to get ready for a date or a party after a long day at work. Transitioning your outfits from a working day to special evenings is nothing lesser than an uphill battle.

Daytime outfits are usually laid-back and straightforward, while the night ones need to be striking with sparkle, shimmer, or shine to make heads turn when you step in the crowd. The office looks boost confidence, whereas casual looks make you feel happy and relaxed. You need to add a few versatile pieces from the best online boutiques so that you can mix n match to transition your corporate day outfit to a chic night one.

Here we go with a few tips to easily transition your look from day to night:

1. Lace top/Tunics

Lace top/Tunics

A lace blouse is a must-have in your closet as it is the apt material for transitional outfits. Wear effortlessly for any season or occasion; one of the most versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe. A bold statement necklace with a lace top and skinny jeans can do the trick to make you sparkle post office hours.

Wearing a chic tunic with jeans is a cool style tip for looking hot for your date in the evening after work. If you wish to know for some more stylish easy to wear outfits.

2. Blazer


A wardrobe without a classy blazer is certainly incomplete; whether you like a perfectly fitted or an oversized one, ensure that it's something you can wear daily. The best thing about blazers is that you can wear them over almost anything under the sun; crop tops, women's graphic tees, or blouses. For your daily work look, style a classy blazer with chino pants and a button-down shirt. To add sparkle to your evening wear, dazzle with a chic designer tote bag and jewelry.

If the weather is chilly, replace your blazer with a stylish kimono cardigan. These are a few basic must-haves for any women's wardrobe. If you want to learn about a few more capsule wardrobe staples.

3. Dresses


The best thing about maxi dresses is that you can wear them from morning to night, without feeling out of place or inappropriate. For a conservative look, style your casual dress for women with a blazer or scarf. Adding a denim jacket for women into the mix will work like magic in transforming your look. If you want to rock the party, highlight cool chunky jewelry to add oomph to your maxi dress.

The iconic LBD sits patiently in every woman's wardrobe. Invest in a little black dress with unique features and interesting details so that it doesn't come off as garish. With a few tweaks, you can transform your work-appropriate daytime LBD into an excellent night fashion piece. How? Swap your sneakers for heels and add colorful accessories to the mix. Voila! You have magically transformed your outfit.

4. Clutch


Alright, we know that your small little clutch won't hold your laptop and stacks of papers. But your huge tote bag can accommodate a standout clutch. You can ditch your huge and heavy bag and drop it in your car, carrying your elegant clutch to the cocktail party. Opt for bold colors like black, gold, red, or silver; avoid earthy or neutral tones for clutches. Adding this classic cult number is a surefire way to add glitz to our appeal. Switch your phone case cover if you like focussing on minor details.

5. Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

To transform your look in a flash, try upgrading your outfit with extravagant and stylish accessories. The right accessories can give an electrifying effect to every dressing combination, which can get you compliments throughout the evening. With a smart change of accessories, it is possible to wear the same outfit numerous times without anyone noticing. It is easy to spice your workwear with some eye-catching girl's jewelry, making your nightwear outfit unique and memorable. Long hanging earrings, chunky necklaces, or bold rings are this season's fashion trend.

stylish scarf

A stylish scarf that you can wear through all four seasons transforms any outfit into an effortlessly sophisticated ensemble. It is a luxurious alternative to boost your mood and confidence.

A belt is another fashion accessory that can seamlessly transform a monotonous work look into a fun-filled one. It accentuates your figure, giving a flirty vibe. A large buckle will aid in transforming your everyday mundane look into an extravagant night one.

6. Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup

Let your hair down or style them in a bun, add a dash of bold lip color, smokey eyes and check yourself in the mirror. Are you ready for the picture-perfect selfie moments?

7. Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits are the best all-in-one outfit that works wonders in professional and casual settings. It makes you feel put together while giving you the feel of wearing pajamas. If you throw a smart blazer and the right pair of shoes into the mix, you have rocking office attire ready. When you are ready to take your look out for a night out with your clan, replace your shoes with a pair of heels and add silver or gold jewelry to complete the look. Black, beige, or taupe; pick neutral colors that gel with any material and tone.

8. Heels


The strongest way to transform an outfit from daytime to night is by switching your footwear. Running around in heels from 9 to 5 can give goosebumps to most of us. If you can manage with heels, they never go wrong. If not, you may wear a loafer or mules by day and change into a pair of boots for girls or heels when you are out having fun at night. Although loafers or mules are great daytime shoes, they won't gel with all your nightwear. It is thus imperative to store an extra pair of stacked heeled shoes or boots in your bag for a sleek and sophisticated look. It gives your appearance a special touch, making you look elegant and sexy.

9. Skirt


Whichever skirt style you like or are comfortable with, it is a timeless staple that should make its way to your wardrobe. With minor additions, transition your pencil skirt from a conservative office outfit to a striking one to wear at night. Replace the simple silk top/blouse you wear to work with a camisole, ruffle top, tank top, or crop top. For a chic aesthetic look, throw a leather or denim jacket into the mix. Strappy sandals or shoes would elevate the style quotient of your after-working hour outfit.


The Paisley Grace Boutique is here with some phenomenal varieties of clothes and accessories that you can mix with your workwear to get ready for your night out with friends or family. Get these staples from the best online boutiques so that you can combine them anytime. Look like a fashionista while working, as well as dashing at night by following these tips.