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Club Paisley is our Rewards Program. It is our way of saying “Thank You!” for supporting our small business. 


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Have more questions? Read our FAQ! 

You can now earn points all in the SAME PLACE whether you shop in-store, on the website or on the app!

Helpful Terms:
Points - earned for making purchases with PGB
Rewards - $$ off a purchase or free shipping. You redeem points for rewards (see video above). Once you redeem points they will be subtracted from your total and you will be issued a code that you can enter at checkout.

Your CURRENT POINT balance will show at the top of your Club Paisley dashboard when you are logged in.

Can I spend my Paisley Points and still move up to the next tier?
YES! You can spend points as often as you want. To move up tiers the system keeps track of how many points you have EARNED for the calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31). Your current point balance total may be different than how many you have earned this year. Check out your Club Paisley Dashboard and scroll down to the VIP section to see how close you are to reaching the next tier.

How do I access Club Paisley and use rewards?
- To access/join Club Paisley you must create an account on the WEBSITE.
- You will need to create an account on the website using the SAME EMAIL YOU USE ON THE APP. You can access the Club Paisley Dashboard from the website on your phone, tablet or laptop. 
- Once you redeem your points for a reward you will be issued a code to use. You will enter that code at checkout.
- You will earn points for every order with Paisley Grace. To use your reward, you will need to place the order thru our WEBSITE. Rewards cannot be redeemed on app orders at this time.
For info on redeeming points and using the dashboard see video above.

How do I receive my Birthday Reward?
To earn a Birthday Reward this calendar year, be sure to enter your date at least one month before your birthday. You may do this on your rewards dashboard under “Earn More Paisley Points.”

Are there any exclusions when I redeem a $5, $15 or $30 Reward or New Tier Discount?
Brighton and Consuela are always excluded from Club Paisley Discounts.

Do Rewards expire?
You will have 6 months to use your reward from the date you redeem your points.

I just became a PGB Icon, how do I get my free gift and free shipping?
For the Free Gift: Navigate to the "Redeem Points" of your Club Paisley Dashboard and add it to your cart. Note: Your free gift will ship with your next order of items, even if you order the free gift separately.

For Icon Free Shipping: To account for our return policy, Free Shipping will be activated on your account 30 days after your qualifying purchase is made.

Can I combine my Reward with another discount code or Reward?
No, unfortunately our system will only take one code per order.

I selected items totaling more than $75 but after I used my Reward, I was charged for shipping.  Is that correct? 
Yes, that is correct.  The shipping charge is based on the cost of the order after all discounts and rewards are applied.  If your total cost after the price reductions is below $75, then the system will add the shipping charge to your order.

How can I move up the next tier?
For each tier there is a required number of points you must earn in a calendar year (Jan-Dec). Your points will not expire at the end of the year, but your yearly total to achieve the next tier will start over on Jan 1 each year. You can see your status bar for moving up to the next tier on your Club Paisley Dashboard.

Can I use my Gift Card with a Discount Code?
Yes! These are entered in the same spot. BUT… to get this to work, you must FIRST enter the discount code and then enter your Gift Card number. It must be done in that order, or it will not work.

Can I receive Paisley Points for purchasing a Gift Card?
Paisley Points cannot be earned for purchasing a gift card. We award the Paisley Points at the time the gift card is used.

I accidentally redeemed my Paisley Points, but did not/forgot to use it! What now?
No worries! While we cannot retroactively apply rewards to orders, you have 6 months to use your rewards after you redeem points for it! 

What if I had an account with your Paisley Perks program from 3 years ago?
That program was discontinued on September 1, 2021. Communication was sent multiple times prior to that date alerting customers of the program ending. All point total were expired on that date. This is a totally new program with different rewards, levels and points so everyone is starting fresh :) 

If you need additional help with your Paisley Points, email us at or call us during normal business hours at (682) 222-9010.