Family Photoshoot 2021: outfits ideas to style

Family Photoshoot 2021: outfits ideas to style

Family photoshoots can be stressful and crazy, but they are a treasure to cherish for the years to come. Deciding what to wear for a family photo session is not as easy as picking up attire for work or a wedding. It is more complicated than pulling a few pieces from the depths of your wardrobe as they need to look adorable on the camera. 

Choose cohesive outfits that are authentic to your family, making all of you feel special. You need not match your outfits from head to toe. But planning is the key as you do not want to leave your outfit to chance.

We have some fab outfit ideas from the best online boutiques to make you feel confident and radiant during the shoot. Just be careful not to outshine your family and have the spotlight on you. Just kidding, gal! You are the star of the show, so dress to your heart's content.

Family photo shoot outfit ideas 2021:

  • Location

Before proceeding towards your outfit, the most important thing is to decide the location. Are you planning to capture these memorable pictures at the beach or in the wildflower fields? Do you wish to have the mountain ranges as your backdrop or do you wish to do the shoot from the comfort of your home? The vibe of the outfit you choose will have to change to suit the location. Plus, you need to keep the weather in mind, or you may end up shivering or sweating, making you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Pick your outfit first

Without a doubt, we would like to believe that women are the driving force behind such family shoots. So, let’s build a foundation by first picking up an outfit for the moms as ladies are a little picky. Women’s clothing tends to have more colors and patterns to play with. So once we have decided on what the mom will wear, the other outfits can be coordinated accordingly. And we do not want our ladies to get involved with managing everyone's outfits, forgetting their own. In the end, they might crib and dislike their photo when they are going gaga over the little family hugs and kisses in the pics. We don’t want that! If you have a daughter, let it be her turn next. Then move on to the boys.

Pick your outfit first

  • What can you wear?

Dresses look universally adorable on camera. There is no chance of going wrong when it comes to wearing summer dresses for women as they are flattering and look great in photo shoots. A mini, midi, or maxi dress can be perfect for any setting; you can tone down the prints and patterns to match the color scheme. Ditch the loose, shapeless styles as they look sloppy; instead, go for ones that are fitted at the waist. They are comfortable to the core, letting you bend and move around freely with your young lads in the open. Go for rich fabrics like lace, chiffon, rayon, silk, or knit to look classier than what you wear every day. T-shirt material gets wrinkled and messy; it is strictly not photoshoot material. The fabric must flow well and resist wrinkles.

women's clothing boutiques

If you are not an ardent dress lover, a shirt/skirt combo can work as well. Choose the fitted A-line styles for a polished look in your family pic. Don’t forget to add accessories like a headband, bracelet, or watch. 

If your family desires to have at least one similar piece of clothing, pick up a dashing pair of skinny jeans for women. In the warmer weather, pair them with loose-fitting women’s tops from the best online boutiques and, you are good to go! If the bottoms are tight-fitted, let the blouse/ top be loose. It's all about creating balance! To elevate the style of this look, throw some chic outerwear into the mix and spice it up with a stylish belt. Layering is the key to sophistication! It is always advisable to have some trans-seasonal wear in your wardrobe that can work round the clock.

Shoes have the power to make or break an outfit. Your footwear will also depend on the location and outfit; sneakers would do justice in almost any setting and outfit. Avoid sneakers that have sparkles, cartoon characters, or are too athletic. If you wish to know more about 2021 sneaker trends, click here. 

Add depth and dimension to your family photo by adding small doses of subtle textures and patterns to your outfit. Avoid distraction with bold prints and patterns, as the focus of the family photo is you and not the outfit. You can play with textures by adding scarves or shawls to accessorize your outfit.

  • Choose your family outfit

Once you have picked your outfit, it's time to decide the color palette for your family. Choose 2-3 basic colors that mesh with your outfit and, then choose a variation for these colors; like lighter or darker shades for the rest of the clan. It is better to go for colors that complement each other but are not matchy-matchy.

Choose neutral colors like grey, cream, peach, brown, or beige to give a soft glowing look that blends with any location. Add at least one color that pops to give a brighter and sharper appearance, bringing life to the look. Instead of using too many bold colors that may be distracting, look for muted versions of the same color. You want your family’s lovely faces and connections to be the focus; bright colors are distracting. Additionally, muted colors will blend well with your home decor. 


Last but not least, be yourself; the photos must represent the real you and your family. You don’t need to imitate any style that influenced you on social media. Involve your kids in the planning; if they have their say, they will be much more excited in the photo session. Don’t wait until the D-day before you try on your clothing; if something isn’t working, you can change it.

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