Style Guide for How to Accessories Black Dress

Style Guide for How to Accessories Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is a must-have clothing in every woman's wardrobe. It is a timeless and versatile piece that you can dress up or down during formal or casual events.  Sometimes a plain little black dresses can look boring and styling it can be a little tricky.

But by adding the right accessories, you can have tons of options to add a splash of character to your wardrobe. Accessories can dramatically update the look of your LBD.

By reading this guide, you will have ideas on how to style your LBD to create a lasting impression wherever you go.

Style your LBD with the perfect accessories from women’s clothing boutiques for a polished look.

1. Wear a statement necklace

Wear a statement necklace

Add glitz and glam to your outfit by wearing statement pieces. To spice up any ensemble, a show-stopping necklace with chunky stones and colors can bring life to an outfit. A long necklace, with multiple strands, is perfect to create a dramatic effect.

If your black dress is simple and bare around the neckline,  a mix of neckpieces of varying sizes and styles is sure to add bling to your LBD.

Take your outfit to the next level by pairing it with mid-calf-length boots. They add a fun and fresh vibe to your favorite dress.

For more mature women, invest in a timeless piece like a pearl necklace to level up your LBD! For the young at heart, a bold chunky piece makes an incredible style statement. A simple pair of studs and an elegant clutch would go perfectly with the look. It is important to play the subtle game of balance by keeping your adornments limited to one or two pieces.

Avoid wearing a necklace if your dress has a high neckline. Choose other accessories (a statement bracelet or earrings) for a charismatic look! For a V-neck or boat neck dress, wear a choker or collar to add personality. A bib necklace is a sweet match with a strapless decollete dress.

2. Wear a statement bracelet

Wear a statement bracelet

A black dress is a canvas for you to play with. A playfully layered pearl or diamond bracelet will perk up a black dress. For a stunning daytime look, let your imagination go wild, mixing some beautiful colors, textures, and shapes from your stack of bracelets. Multi-coloured bracelets are a chic and effortless way to don a cool look in the hot summers.

For a sleeveless black dress, a wide metallic bangle or leather studded cuffs can add charm to your look.For a more cohesive look, go for similarly themed jewelry.

3. Choose eye-catching earrings

Choose eye-catching earrings

To add a dressy festival vibe, tasseled dangly earrings or sparkly hoops from a women's boutique will do the trick. Smaller studs will divert attention to your face, adding elegance. Chandelier style, high-impact earrings are great to match with your LBD. Click here to follow the charming women's upcycled accessory trend.

4. Elevate your look with a watch or brooch

Show off your sporty side by throwing a large-sized watch over your LBD. A floral brooch is a simple addition that will spice up your outfit. For a modern look, embellish your black dress with button inspired brooch. Add a bohemian touch by styling your LBD with a ribbon or feather brooch.

5. Wear your LBD with a wide belt

Wear your LBD with a wide belt

A chunky belt is the best bet to draw attention to your waist. It adds shape to a loose dress. Bright and glittery belts pop against the black backdrop, adding life to your outfit. Clasp it around the narrowest part of your waist to flaunt your shape. For a casual day or night look, add a wide belt around a stretchy knit, jersey, or sweater dress and finish off the look with sling back heels.

To show off your edgy side, a large leather belt with grommets or studs slung low on the hips is an absolute stunner. A thin leather belt just above your natural waistline can make your favorite LBD a go-to-work dressing-up option.

6. Tights and LBD

Tights and LBD

Stay warm in colder weather by wearing black tights with your LBD for work or daytime errands. You can add some drama to the traditional look by opting  for bold and fun seasonal hues for your shoes. Click here if you want some cool spring fashion outfit ideas for all occasions.

For a funky feel, pair your LBD with sparkly tights or stockings in hues of purple, orange, or red. These would brighten up  the vibe for your date or party nights in the evening.

7. Experiment with cover-ups

Experiment with cover-ups

A women's button-down top in some vibrant colors will make your simple LBD look preppy.

Keep the chill at bay by choosing an elegant cover-up like a fancy sweater to achieve a sophisticated look.

To break the monochromatic palette of your black dress, wear a colorful coat, faux fur jacket, or a tailored blazer. Do not overdo your look with too many accessories if your layering is already bold and striking.

8. Pick the perfect handbag

Pick the perfect handbag

Are you in a hurry to rush for work in your LBD? Grab a large handbag in a neutral hue to hold all your daily essentials.

A bold edgy crossbody bag is the top pick for a semi-formal night out, while a textured muted crossbody will work well for a daytime look.

Add character to your LBD look by playing with different textures, colors, and combinations of clutches that suit your style. You can go for glittery metallic patterns, bold colors, or an oversized leather clutch!

9. Shortlist the right shoes

Shortlist the right shoes

When you want other attention-grabbing accessories , go for the classic black suede or leather pumps. They are simply timeless!

Stiletto in preppy colors, shape, height, and embellishments will liven up your look. Animal prints are all over town! Your belt or clutch can make a huge difference to your ensemble.

Strappy gladiator sandals or glittery sandals with ankle straps help you to stay comfy for casual affairs. A pair of sneakers look great if you are planning to stay active all day.

10. Go for the right head-gear and make-up

Go for the right head-gear and make-up

Draw attention to your black dress by styling your hair with the right accessories. An ethereal headband, a multi jeweled crown, or a bob pin with embellishments will give you the dainty feminine look. Try to pump up your hair with high volume in a messy braid or bun or, leave them loose. These accessories will hold your hair while making them look awesome.

For a classic LBD look,  a wide-brimmed hat can work wonders. If you are aiming for a funky look, add a fedora with a messy braid.

The red lip color is eye-catching.  Wear stylish black or bright-rimmed sunglasses to finish off your look. If you want to add more bling, multi-coloured lenses are a must.


Is it possible to achieve a classic, bohemian, vintage, fun, or flirty look with your LBD? The tip is simple. Use the right accessories to help you achieve a style that suits your personality.  The versatile characteristic of black color makes it easy to mix and match. Shop at The Paisley Grace boutique, the best women’s clothing boutique to add beautiful and classic pieces to your wardrobe. Don't forget, accessories can make or break an outfit.