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What will you wear to blow your first date away?

What will you wear to blow your first date away?

Getting ready for your first date has you feeling all aflutter. It’s excitement, nervousness and so much more getting ready to see each other for the first time.  Dressing up for your day-to-day routine is a no-brainer, but when it gets down to your first date, the right impression sets the tone. Your wardrobe may be overflowing with apparel, but picking the right one for your first date is nerve-racking. 

Leave all your stress aside and let Paisley Grace, one of the best women's clothing boutique , help you make the best first impression. Our comprehensive guide will help you put together the right outfit to make your first date memorable.

Think of these three things when you are deciding on the right outfit; the location of the date, your style, and comfort. We know you want to look attractive to leave a great impression, but take these factors into account as you don't want to overdress or underdress for the occasion. Keep in mind that your outfit is a reflection of who you are. Don’t pick an outfit out of pressure that it is on-trend, you won’t feel like yourself. Pick out something that makes you feel sexy and happy so your confidence will be the first thing your date notices.

So let's go! 

Tips to put together a first date outfit that will blow them away:

Choose the right base:

Choosing the right base is the foundation for putting together a fantastic outfit. As you may know, by base we are hinting at bottoms. As we mentioned earlier, the location of the date is a huge factor to consider when planning your date outfit. 

In areas where the temps are high, go for loose bottoms or grab a skirt. When the air is crisp and cool, layering is the key to fight the chilly weather. Always versatile is your favorite pair of jeans. We always feel the most confident in that one pair of jeans that makes you look sexy and accentuates all your best features. You can pair them easily with any top for just the right look. For a lunch or dinner date, jeans are easy to dress up or down for just the right look.

First date at the beach or poolside? Lucky you! Jeans are not going to be your bottoms of choice here. Bright shades and bold prints are synonymous with beachwear. Your bikini or swimsuit can be your base at a pool/beachside date or pick from our selection of shorts. You can always throw an adorable dress over your swimsuit for a beach to drink date combo. Flirty and fun, breezy printed floral dresses will make you look cute and casual. Check out more on ways to wear printed outfits from our previous blog.

If the beach or flirty day date is not the location and you are headed to a more formal evening event, a proper fitting midi dress that highlights your best features will make you shine. Finally, if it is a Netflix and Chill kind of date night, Paisley Grace has a great collection of classy loungewear. Here are more tips on how to slay sexy loungewear for your first date: Read on. 

Compliment your base with the right top:

First and foremost, pick the most flattering color for your skin tone or something everyone says you look great in. Picking a top you have been complimented on time and time again will make you crazy confident. Don’t go with something off-beat or unconventional for a first date. Sexy comfort is your priority so you aren’t fidgeting with your outfit when there are more important things to focus on.

Make sure to play up your best asset: if you have great arms, go for strapless tops or dresses. A great chest, grab something with a scoop or v-neck. But remember, make sure to leave something left to the imagination, you are going for flirty and confident not as if you're trying too hard.

Back to remembering the location of the date is going to set the tone for your outfit. If headed on a sporty date, opt for trendy shorts or a skirt with a graphic tee or a tank top. Choose a top that has more style and design if you are not planning to wear extra accessories that would get in the way on a sporty date. If you are looking to accessorize, make sure your top is solid to let your accessories shine.

Spice up your outfit with statement pieces:

Now that you have a base and a top, it's time to select statement pieces. Something that makes an impression and stands out is what we call a statement piece. It can be outerwear: a cardigan, leather or denim jackets. It can be jewelry: a funky necklace, big earrings or great bracelets. You can have more than one statement piece in your outfit, but be sure they blend well together and not fighting to be the center of attention.

Time to put the whole outfit together:

You’ve got the base, you’ve got the top, you are making a statement, now it’s time to put it all together with the right shoes and handbag. Let’s circle back to that all important location of the first date. Where you are headed is going to dictate what the final touches will be for your perfect first date outfit. 

Footwear is key to tell your first date story. But no matter which story you are telling, comfort is key when selecting your footwear. If you are off to a dressy dinner date in a fancy restaurant, classy heels are the only way to go. You will tell your date you are sexy and sophisticated and can dress to impress. A more  casual dinner or coffee for your first date location, a pair of wedges or flats is the perfect pairing. For an adventure-filled date, sneakers or boots will keep you in step and dressed for the occasion. Finally that sexy first date poolside or at the beach, opt for a pair of flip-flops or open-toed shoes.

Next to shoes, your bag is the other accessory that will make the final impression on the first date you are about to embark on. On casual dates, take a larger bag or crossbody to add more comfort to your outfit. Grab a small clutch or purse for a more formal first date location. For the beach or poolside first date, a large tote bag is a must.

Jewelry is not a make a break for a first date outfit. You can opt for simple, or go with a statement piece as mentioned above. But whatever jewelry you choose, be sure that it is appropriate for the outfit and type of date you are heading out on. Whenever in doubt, choose hoops that conveniently blend with any outfit. Accessories should add value to your outfit and not take attention away from it.

Adding the finishing touch:

Our advice to complete the perfect first date look is make yourself as normal as possible and pick what makes you feel most confident. The same advice from above, don’t try new makeup and hairstyles on a first date, you want to feel most like yourself. For a day date, very light and basic make-up is cool and confident. If you are going clubbing, then bold make-up with smoky eyes, shimmery eye-shadows, and dark lipstick are just perfect. For a more formal dinner, opt for natural tones and soft lipstick.

Deciding on your hair for your first date can be the most stressful of all. Try a few styles ahead of time to see what will fit the mood of the date. Test out soft curls, mermaid braids, a messy bun, or straight hair; pick a style that looks good and makes you feel confident. 

Parting words:

To make a great first impression, be confident and be yourself. When you are confident, you will smile more and the conversation will progress smoothly. If you just can’t find what you are looking for in your closet, check out all the clothes and accessories we have at Paisley Grace women's boutique that would be the perfect first date attire.   

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