In order to protect our company, we have Trademarked our name as shown on our logo and all other materials, The Paisley Grace Boutique.  This Registered Trademark includes all variations our our name that might be confusing to our customers or our potential customers.  That would include different spacing, spelling, colors, etc.

We have and will continue to protect our rights to our name at all times.

Here is the search results for our Trademark Registration on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you have questions about our Registered Trademark, please contact Gene Winfield at (682) 222-9010 or at

The Paisley Grace Boutique Trademark Record


To reperform this search, follow these steps:

1. Go to:  Search trademark database | USPTO

2. Click on "Search our trademark database (TESS)"

3. Click on "Basic Word Mark Search (New User)"

4. Enter "The PaisleyGrace Boutique" (no space between Paisley & Grace)

     No space was required as it is not clear that our logo has a space.  Ok.

5. Submit Query