7 Ways to Wear the Season’s Hottest Print!

7 Ways to Wear the Season’s Hottest Print!

Print on print, print on pastel, print on solid, print on denim, print on anything! Ever wonder why prints never go out of fashion? Because they are versatile and could be styled in multiple ways for multiple occasions without ever looking redundant. 

Well, if it is that trendy, there should be a small guide on how to wear prints the right way, correct? Say no more, because we have already created the guide for you and we promise it won’t disappoint you at all. Here, have a look at the seven best outfit ideas from the best online boutiques!

Wear hottest prints in the right way

Printed tops and solid bottoms:

They are so evergreen that you could easily wear a ten-year-old print and have people believe that it is a fresh piece you just bought for yourself.

Wearing printed tops might seem a little old school to you but when you combine them with the right clothing item, it looks out of the world. Pair up a printed top with dark blue denim or trousers. Add a scrunchie to the outfit to make it look even cuter. Lay your hair down in loose waves, have a medium-sized handbag, and off you go!

Printed dresses and women, a never-ending saga: 

Printed dresses are by far one of the best ways to dress up in a single piece of clothing and still look the cutest. It takes little to no effort to get ready when you are wearing a printed dress. The accessories can be delicate and solid because your dress shines for itself! The best part here is that printed dresses can be styled in hundreds of ways. Pair it up with a denim jacket? Works! With a sweater? Amazing! With stockings and boots? Lovely! It hardly goes wrong with a cute printed dress.

The classic printed vests:

With the elegance and grace of a queen and cushiony comfort, printed women’s vests are the best choice for most seasons and occasions. With the right kind of jewelry, you could shine with your maxi dress may it be a wedding or a summertime meetup of family and friends.

With your hair in soft waves and an occasional perfume, it would be more than enough for a small or casual meet. Add up some accessories in your hair and hold a small catchy clutch. That would do for a wedding too!

Kimonos and cardigans for layering:

Print-on-print might look like a “way to the extra option”, but if done well, a print-on-print outfit gives you an exotic look. Indian outfits often have this combination but you could try that in western outfits too. The point here is to match the designs and colors in a way that it does not make an odd combination.

If you are pairing a printed top with a women’s cardigan, make sure they have different but complementary patterns in their prints. The best way is to combine a graphic tee with a cardigan in the opposite spectrum of color. That is by far the best way to create print-on-print outfits for any clothing item.

Animal prints, the evergreen option for any season:

Animal prints are to print, what black is to colors when it comes to clothing items. Tops, dresses, jackets, pants, you name it! Animals print rock in every arena of clothing. Models have worn this print to the ramp for years and years without fail and they never fail to mesmerize people.

Combine a cheetah-print top with your skinny fit leggings and see the magic it creates for your outfit. Add some jazz by wearing boots with it and you will turn some heads in the room!

Animal prints on bags?

Heck yeah! As mentioned above, animal prints never fail. Depending on how you dress up, animal prints can work with a classy all-black outfit or a casual brunch-date outfit as well. It is as flexible as that. A tote bag with the wild print is your best option when you are on the go for a quick outing.

Printed footwear, yes or no?

Even printed footwear looks amazing when worn with an outfit that highlights it. With a flat sole booty or women’s shoes printed with animal print or floral print, you can change the whole vibe of your outfit.


Adding prints to your core wardrobe is the best way to never run out of ideas to create fashion statements. Additionally, prints are quite popular this year and would never go out of style. This evergreen trend is loved by everyone and you could easily get breathable and comfortable clothing easily. Paisley Grace boutique is the way to go if you are looking for clothing items as pretty as these. Our collection is an assortment of the best pieces that will enhance your fashion by 100x.