Slay Your Valentine’s Day Style with Romantic Floral Dresses

Slay Your Valentine’s Day Style with Romantic Floral Dresses

Whether you’re masking up and going out on the proverbial town this year, or lighting a few candles and cozying up at home, you deserve to make this Valentine’s Day your most stylish and romantic yet. 

But let’s be real. Most of us haven’t had a proper night out (or even a day at the office) in months. Do we even remember how to get dressed up anymore? Don’t worry, lady! Our fashion experts at Paisley Grace are here to help you style the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. 

What’s our top recommendation this year? Two words: Floral Dresses. 

Floral dresses are some of our all-time favorites: classic, beautiful, and oh-so-romantic. The range of floral dresses is wide and vast, so there truly is a cut and color scheme for every woman. 

Let’s find out some of the must-have floral dresses this Valentine’s Day and how you can style them.

How to Style Your Floral Dresses This Valentine’s Day?

Paisley Grace Boutique is one of the best online boutiques in Texas to shop stunning floral dresses. Our stylists hand-pick our floral dresses with one thing in mind: making you look and feel your best! 

Here are a few top choices of floral dresses and the best ways to style them.

Tiny Florals for a Flattering Look:

When you’re confused about the type of floral prints that’ll suit your body type, go for those tiny florals! This look is classic and flattering on all body types, and we stand by it!

Dresses with tiny florals create a highly sophisticated chic look. You can either go for a maxi dress with small floral designs or a thigh-length one like our V-neck floral dress.

Even in winter, Texas tends to boast warm tones, so you can always go with a brighter, bolder floral look. Tiny flowers against a dark background can create a super sexy look, like this embroidered dress. Keep your look minimalist but scorching hot by slipping on a pair of black or brown heels or booties to complete the outfit.

Floral Designs Only on the Top or Bottom:

If you’re bored of going floral from head to toe, you can break it up using a floral designed skirt or a top. This is a super cute and easy look that ensures the floral design doesn’t overwhelm your outfit. The large swatches of solid fabric also gives you enough options to mix and match with your staple pieces and create new looks. 

At Paisley Grace Boutique, we have dresses with floral bottoms and plain tops like this adorable blue midi dress that can be worn for a casual day out, work meeting, or a romantic Valentine’s dinner. 

Pair this dress with floaters or pointed heels and your date won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 

If you want a unique floral dress, something that’s unconventional, then you can go for this vintage modelled dress with a brown shirt top and a patterned floral bottom.


This is a lovely dress that will absolutely dazzle with a pair of suede or brown knee-length boots. Just saying! The buttoned-down top and the floral design in the bottom give the impression of a pretty skirt and shirt, keeping your outfit casual and but still cute and sexy.

Or check out this beauty with its tiny, intricate floral designs. With the black background and pink, purple, red, white and yellow floral embroidery, this is a beautiful piece to wear with your boots or toe-open heels for a hot date night!

Avoid Pattern Clashes with Bold Floral Prints:

If you want to turn heads and stand out in a big way, go for bold floral dresses. These dresses are a great way to showcase your gorgeous personality, and they range from classic to contemporary styles.

If you’re going for a multi-coloured floral dress like this petals dress, then make sure that it fits well for you. Such floral dresses shouldn’t be too tight-fighting or too loose. Just the right amount of fit will give you a funky, sexy look.

If you want to break the bold prints and add a dash of solid color, then you can pair it up with a blue denim jacket or a complementary shrug. Such bold floral patterns will work well with edgy heels or box heels with a long necklace that again breaks the floral design. You can also wear a big, solid belt with a floral dress for a dapper look. 

But make sure to add either a belt or a jacket but not both. You can overdo the outfit and can take the attention away from the floral dress.

Pair Floral Dresses with Neutral Colours:

When in doubt, go for a neutral colour to accessorize! 

You don’t need any bright jewellery to make a floral dress work. It’s self-sufficient on its own. You can go for shoes and other accessories in a neutral colour to focus on floral patterns. 

For example, in this floral muse dress, we’ve paired it up with suede, ankle-length boots and minimal bracelets that don’t steal the attention away from the dress.

Similarly, you can go for a simple, pleasing look with just a floral dress and a few neutral coloured accessories.

Wrapping Up

Floral dresses are simply striking and are one of the best outfits you to WOW your date on Valentine's Day. You can follow our style tips to look gorgeous and beautiful during your date.

Paisley Grace Boutique is one of the few clothing boutiques online in Texas that has a fantastic collection of floral dresses. You can shop for floral women’s dresses from our boutique for Valentine’s Day, along with the accessories to complete your look. 

Design your complete date look online now!